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To energise and inspire your team we provide:

Day Trippin
Painted Heart

Teamwork Essential Skills Sessions

A powerful one day session of essential teamwork skills to help your team break through barriers to achieving their goals.


Followed by an optional practical session to design better collaboration with your team

This can be run for an existing team or for people from a variety of teams who would value developing teamwork skills. 

Collaboration Workshops

A tailored programme of workshops and group coaching which transforms the way teams work together. People are challenged to focus on collaborative behaviours and develop their own unique culture of teaming and collaboration systems. 

Who is this for?

  • Project teams to gel properly before kicking off or mid project

  • Bid teams to understand collaborative behaviours

  • Leadership teams to engage their people for high perfomance

Team Coaching

We work with your team:

  • on specific challenges standing in the way of success

  • to push high performing teams to go further

These sessions use an effective blend of group coaching, action learning and peer to peer coaching techniques. We get straight to the heart of your team issues and release the blockers to great performance.

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