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Our Story

Ffion Jones


I help teams get better at being teams - so that they are more successful, more productive, more innovative and find the love in what they do again.

I’ve always been fascinated by people, why they do what they do and how they respond to each other. I started my career as a recruiter in Sydney, Australia (tough gig, I know) but really found my passion when I was given the chance to work on a large people transition project. It was amazing to see how people reacted individually and collectively to the change and how we could support them to work together to get through it.


Fast forward a few years (and a return to the motherland in Cardiff) and a career in Learning and Development has given me the chance to work with a wide variety of people, teams and projects.  


Time and time again I hear if that people had been given the time to focus on how they collaborated, projects would have been more successful.

My experience designing and delivering leadership programmes, group coaching and creating learning communities has shown how powerful it is to develop teamwork and collaborative working.

Extensive experience working closely with teams:

  • Collaborative leadership workshops for teams working on projects such as High Speed 2

  • Organisation wide collaborative leadership programmes with live learning and peer coaching at their heart

  • Cross organisation collaborative leadership programme to further industry relationships and innovation

  • Collaborative behaviours training for behavioural assessment centre teams and behavioural interviewees for major infrastructure bids

  • Group and individual coaching for high performance in teams

  • Psychological Safety at the Top workshops

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